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Acct1st Workflow

The Acct1st Workflow system is sold stand-alone or as an integrated part of the Acct1st DMS product. The workflow system is designed to manage the process of tax or other engagements inside an accounting firm. The Acct1st Workflow system is the management tool of a tax productivity suite that stores in-process documents for engagements, such as tax engagements, allows staff to receive job actions, allows tax managers and partners to overview each engagement in process and overview the accounting firm staff involved in each step.
Most common use of Acct1st Worklfow by Accounting firms:

  • Manage in-process document related to engagements
  • Manage staff involved in the each step of engagements
  • Manage actions involved in engagements
  • Control actions and job duties
  • Manage Workloads
  • Produce reports of all engagement in process, staff involved and actions
  • Manage due dates