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Tic, Tie & Calculate

Tic, Tie and Calculate (TTC) is the hottest Adobe Acrobat Plug-In for accountants. This tool is highly regarded by industry thought leaders for one simple reason - it allows accountants to efficiently prepare and review workpapers in a paperless environment by providing them the accounting centric tools needed to quickly and easily annotate .pdf files. Get it FREE today!

Tic, Tie & Calculate is an Adobe Acrobat plug-in made for accounting PREPARERS and REVIEWERS! It allows them to:

  • Add Tickmarks within a PDF document (a comprehensive annotation tool).
  • Easily customize and add bookmarks from templates.
  • Perform calculations then quickly embed the electronic tape total into a PDF document.
  • The perfect tool for accounting professionals wanting to annotate tax, audit and other engagement type workpapers in Acrobat.

Want Tic, Tie & Calculate?

Ready to download TTC? Please follow these steps to make sure you have a valuable experience implementing Tic, Tie & Calculate.

1. Step One - Download Materials:

2. Step Two – activation e-mail needed:

  • Have your account creation e-mail ready. (if you have already purchased TTC or attended a Workshop your should have received an account creation e-mail)
  • If you don't have an activation e-mail and have already purchased TTC, please contact
  • If you would like to purchase a TTC licenses or additional licenses, please contact

3. Step Three – take notice of common issues:

  • Remove Acrobat Reader from all computers that will be installed with TTC.
  • You might need Acrobat training. If you find you do please visit our Acrobat training partners -
  • TTC only works with Adobe Acrobat Standard and Professional version 7.0 or greater. So do not install it on a PC that does not have this product available.
  • Choose which PCs you want the product installed on. Your firm's Tax Preparers and Reviewers will receive the most value from the product.
  • TTC is a per machine license NOT per person.

4. Step Four – download TTC:

  • Click here to go to the TTC activation, account creation and download page!