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Acct1st Client Portal

The client portal is both the beginning and ending product in a tax productivity suite. The client portal can capture documents from clients to the accounting firm and is also a distribution system for delivering finished engagements to accounting firm clients. All departments and administrative functions of an accounting firm will benefit by having a client portal. Portals are secure spaces on the Web where multiple parties can converge on information and share files, comments, and ideas in a user-friendly manner.

Most common use of Client Portals by Accounting firms:

  • Securely exchange private documents with clients (Tax Returns).
  • Guarantee large files (QuickBooks) reach the recipient.
  • Store historic documents for anytime, anywhere access (previous year tax returns).

A quick glance at  the Acct1st Client Portal features:

  • Two way portal
  • Presentment and Exchange
  • Secure
  • Unlimited document storage and exchange
  • Unlimited file storage space
  • Unlimited accounting firm clients access
  • Unlimited accounting firm staff access
  • Flat fee based on number of partners in firm (NOT clients or staff or documents stored)
  • Automatically upload and create all client accounts at once
  • System self administrates client passwords and accounts
  • Create multiple levels of the portal for clients (individual and business entities)
  • Private folder for clients
  • Integrated to Acct1st DMS
  • Sold stand-alone for use without other Acct1st products
  • Much more...